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A happy customer is an educated one.  Knowing what to expect for the customer is just as important as the final product.  We design our process to make the building process an enjoyable one.

Our Process

Step 1: Planning

Process Planning

Proper planning is the key to any successful project.  When we meet with our customers, understanding all the requirements and wishes is an essential aspect of the process.  We then provide a rendering of the proposed plan to ensure all criteria has been met.

Step 2: The Dig

Process Dig

The plan is then put to action by meeting with the owner and staking precisely where the pool is to be installed.  As we dig, plumb, and prepare the pool for concrete, we constantly communicate with our clients ensuring everything is to their satisfaction.

Step 3: Aesthetics

Once gunite is shot, we install the tile and coping, water features, equipment, and decking. Last but not least we plaster the gunite shell so that it's smooth, water proof, and beautiful. At that point the pool is filled.

Step 4: Enjoy

Process Dig

With all phases complete, we fill the pool and test all functions.  Next, we explain thoroughly all operations of the pool along with answering any and all questions our clients have. At last, the final step is to enjoy your new personal oasis. 

The relationship maintained after our projects mean everything to us.

We are always available for our clients needs after the project is complete.


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