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Satisfying customers goes past producing great products at Crystal Clear Pool Company. Our clients must enjoy the process, people, and communication every step of the way for a project to be considered truly successful.


Round Spas

Round Gunite Spas

Round spas have been popular ever since spas were called hot tubs! The term ‘hot tub’ being coined for the hot water vessels from the first use of red wood barrels in California in the beginning. Round is comfortable, can hold a lot of bodies, and is aesthetically pleasing in most instances. The gunite structure is thick. And thermally & structurally very sound.

Sqaure Spas

Square Gunite Spas

Square spas may be more conducive to the ‘look’ of a rectangular pool in some instances. It really comes down to preference. We generally build an 8’ round spa, or a 7’ square spa, and they tend to hold the same amount of people. We but 8 hydro jets in each. The addition of stone travertine or limestone coping makes for beautiful pleasing clean lines.

Fiberglass Hot Tub Spas

Fiberglass Hot Tub Inserts

On vinyl liner pool installations, it makes no fiscal sense to go to the expense of putting in a gunite spa with it, so we use fiberglass/acrylic spas, both square and round, usually with spillways or built-in water works to create the waterfall feature found on the gunite versions. Clients find that the ‘molded’ fiberglass spas are even more contoured and comfortable. The spillways on the spas send plenty of water over into the pool, and these spas come in round, square and even octagon shapes. And there are a few colors to choose from as well. We use stone to cap and outer skirt the spas to create the natural look.

Spa Treaments

Spa Treatments 

With a combination pool & spa installation, we normally raise the spa 18” or so, having it spill over into your pool, creating a waterfall effect, giving it an appeal both visually and soundwise. It does not spill over when you are heating it, so no need to worry about losing the heat to the pool water. We have automated valve systems that isolate the heater to the spa and cut the spillover off when put in spa mode. We always run an air blower for your air bubbles, and always use at least 8 hydrotherapy jets in every installation as well as a dedicated pump to those jets to assure proper velocity and power.

Crystal Phone Number